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What's your body telling you?   

These are 'early warning signs' that could be resolved with simple changes to diet or lifestyle. Many of these nutritional deficiencies or imbalances, if left, could result in serious illness or disease. This site now guides you to the exact supplement for your condition, through targeted nutrition.

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Do you have chronic fatigue syndrome?

Is your child disruptive / aggressive? NEW TOPIC

Are you forgetful? NEW TOPIC

Do you have asthma? NEW TOPIC


Have you got a crease on your earlobe?

Do you produce excess ear wax?

Do you have tinnitus (ringing in the ears)?  


Cant you remember your dreams?  

Do you have insomnia? 


Is your child a fussy eater?  NEW TOPIC

Do you crave Butter?

Do you wheeze after eating fruit and vegetables?

Do you have a sugar craving, get blood sugar swings, or have low blood sugar?

Do you take diuretics?

Are you a Vegan?

Do you like to crunch ice cubes from your drink?

Do you crave lettuce?  NEW TOPIC

Hands & Nails

Do you have shaking hands?

Do you have white spots or marks on your nails?
Do you have soft or brittle nails?
Have you got a long index finger?
Do you have lots of whorls on your fingerprints?
Do you have ridges on your nails?
Is your ring finger longer than your index finger?
Do you bite your nails?
Do you have yellow palms?


Do you have a sore rash on your eyelids?

Do you have stretch marks?

Do you suffer from chicken skin on your upper arms?

Do you get spontaneous bleeding?
Do you have dry scaly skin with hair follicles plugged with coiled distorted hairs and a red halo?
Do you have yellow palms?
Do you have greasy red scaly skin on your face and sides of your nose?
Do you get seborrhoeic dermatitis around nose and an acne like rash?
Have you got eczema?   HOT TOPIC
Do you get bags or dark rings under eyes?
Do you have a pale appearance?
Do you have scaly red skin round the eyes, nose, mouth and genital area?
Do you get excess dandruff?
Do you have coloured sweat?  NEW TOPIC
Do you have acne? NEW TOPIC

Legs & Feet

Do you have burning feet or tender heels?

Do you have cold hands and feet?

Do you experience tender calf muscles?

Do you suffer from brisk knee reflexes?

Do you get muscle cramps?


Do you have a pale, fissured tongue? 
Do you have a white coated tongue?
Do you have a sore painful fissured tongue?
Do you have a sore burning tongue and lips and peeling of lips?
Do you have a swollen tongue with lateral teeth indentations?
Do you have a painful, sore tongue with a smooth appearance?
Do you have cracked lips?
Do you get bleeding gums?
Do you have difficulty swallowing (dysphagia)?  
Do you have mercury amalgam fillings in your teeth ?
Do you get recurrent mouth ulcers?
Do you have cracking of skin at the corners of your mouth?


Have you become sensitive to bright lights?

Do you have cataracts?

Do you get bags or dark rings under eyes?

Do you have a sore rash on your eyelids?

Do you or your children have blue eyes and blonde hair?

Do you have dry eyes?

Do you have poor vision or night blindness?

Do you rub your eyes ?


Do you have a crease on the end of your nose?

Have you developed a poor sense of smell and taste?

Do you have nasal polyps?

Do you get a blocked nose when drinking red wine ?


Does your (or your baby's) urine smell of maple syrup?


Do sneeze in bright sunlight?

Do you experience poor sensory symptoms?

Have you developed a poor sense of smell and taste?


Do you or your children have blue eyes and blond hair?

Do you have premature grey hair?

Are you experiencing hair loss?


Do you have haemorrhoids ? NEW TOPIC
Do you get white spots on your shoes? (males only!!)
Are you overweight or obese?
Do you have pernicious anaemia?  
Are you taking antibiotics?

Do you have a thyroid swelling?

Have you got catarrh, sinusitis, history of removal of tonsils or adenoids?

Do you experience poor healing?

Do you get Pre-menstrual syndrome?

Have you got cervical dysplasia?

Have you got arthritis?

Do you have measles?

Do you get persistent diarrhoea leading to fatigue?

Do you get muscle cramps?

Do you get hypertension?

Have you got osteoporosis?

Do you have high blood pressure?

Do you get frequent colds?

Do you suffer from infertility, miscarriages and premature labour?

Do you take the contraceptive pill ?

Do you have cancer or family history of cancer ?

Do you suffer from Cardiomyopathies (Keshan Disease) ?

Have you had a heart attack? 

Do you have carpal tunnel syndrome ?

Have you had a Gastrectomy ?

Do you have Diabetic peripheral neuropathy?

Are you over 60 years old? 

Are you experiencing hair loss?

Do you have chronic fatigue syndrome?

Do you experience premenstrual problems/symptoms?

Do you have coloured sweat? NEW TOPIC


This isn’t more healthy eating advice. It’s about your body’s signs and symptoms to help you to lead a healthier, enrich your life, and live longer.

This website introduces you to the idea that there are many hundreds of ‘Body Language’ signals telling you about the state of your health, and what you need to look after your body. 

Please note. Body Language is a collection of 'classic' signs and symptoms that the authors have painstakingly collected, researched and expanded. Most of them are grounded on valid science, a few are 'old wives tales' that nevertheless have sound scientific validity, a few are anecdotal. Many of them are fascinating in their own right. 

These Body Language signs are valuable as 'early warning signs' but are no substitute for professional health advice and should not be used exclusively for self-diagnosis or for self treatment of serious complaints or diseases.  If you have symptoms that persist you should see your doctor.

Each Body language sign included some links to other sites. These links have been added to help you to search the internet, and some may be commercial sites. The authors have no commercial links with any organisation referenced here and do not accept responsibility for the validity of any claims made or information contained in this site or any other links, nor can they be held responsible for any actions arising from information or advice given.

As a result of discussions on the bulletin board for supplements we have negotiated with a leading supplement supplier to give favourable terms on products that are targeted towards some of the Body Language signs and symptoms.


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